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Surprise Wedding in Vancouver!!

When we first met up with Louise we were pleased to hear her Manchester accent. hyperfocus UK was set up in Manchester by us in 2004 and we were based there for almost three years shooting lots of amazing weddings in Northern England and Scotland. We really fell in love with Manchester and the people, so hearing Louise’s accent brought back all the warm friendly memories of being in the UK. We were off to a good start!

Louise was excited about her ‘surprise’ wedding to Dean, of course it was to be a surprise for the guests, not for Dean:) The plan was that the two of them were to travel through Italy for a couple of weeks before the wedding and they would tell their friends and family that they were going to Italy to get married, but that they would have a reception party in Vancouver when they got back.

A few days after they returned from Italy they had a party in the lovely reception space above the Stanley Park Chapel, hors d’oeuvres, Cupcakes, and drinks were being served and guests were chatting and mingling, suspecting nothing out of the ordinary. Dean was playing host while Louise was, unbeknownst to the guests, in the bridal suite downstairs getting ready. About half an hour after the party was underway Dean went onto the mezzanine of the reception area and announced that everyone should go downstairs. There were some confused looks, but people politely finished their drinks and made their way downstairs.

Once the group had moved downstairs they were taken into the Chapel and seated, and wow, were they confused now!! Dean stood at the front and made the surprise announcement; that he and Louise had actually not been married in Italy and that the real wedding was going to happen right there, right now! All the guests were shocked, surprised and excited!! It was a total surprise!!

A few minutes later Louise made her entry in a gorgeous dress that she designed herself and stunning Venetian shoes; the wedding was underway! It was a friendly and casual ceremony by Rev. Allan Burnett followed by a horse and carriage ride through Stanley Park (that we photographed using a Bicycle for transport, click here for details) and then a party back in the reception area of the Stanley Park Chapel. Everyone had a super evening and danced the night away while the fireworks went off over English bay.

Congratulations Dean and Louise and what a creative and fun ‘Surprise Wedding’ !!!