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Having a deep love for photography is something that we often take for for granted.

Sometimes, however it really comes to the forefront when we work with our clients.

For example, when other professional photographers hire us to photograph their wedding, it is fun for them (and us) to share in the technical aspects of our craft. Other times it comes up, is when we like to take some time to enjoy something a little photographically different- like doing part of an engagement session with one of our favourite film cameras- in this case a 120mm format Rolliflex twin lens camera.

It is a camera that is incredibly famous within the world of professional photography for everything from fine art photography, fashion photography, to wedding photojournalism and many more areas. Here are a few of those famous photographers, if you were curious check them out: Helmut NewtonImogen CunninghamDavid BaileyBill BrandtWalker EvansVivian MaierIrving Penn.

Justin took a few frames of film while we were with Nicole and Chris for their Vancouver engagement photo session, which was a really fun experience to share with them.

To see more from this photo session not shot of film, but in digital, view Nicole + Chris.


With the few dry days we’ve had this Winter and Spring, it’s meant a lot of rainy photo shoots these days, but that’s just fine with us being professional Vancouver wedding photographers (plus we also had our business in rainy Manchester, England complete with the sideways torrential rain of Northern Northern England!).

When Nicole and Kris arrived into Vancouver to have their Vancouver engagement photo session with us in the Olympic Village, of course, it was raining. Since they were only in town for a few days, we went ahead with their session and made the most of it with a few lucky breaks in the rain. It was so lovely to meet them both for the first time, get to know them a bit and hear about the plans they have for their wedding this summer at Camp Howdy, which we are really looking forward to.

It’s always so exciting when we schedule our clients to come and pick-up their wedding album at our gallery lounge. It’s almost like there’s a giddy energy in the air!

When Rachel + Gino came in to collect their album it was no different. It was so great to see them, but also a bit sad because it brings the whole wedding process to an end and we had such a lovely time working with them. But on the upside, I know we’ll be keeping in touch, so it’s not really an end after all. 🙂

Here are a few photos from their Vancouver wedding album that we so lovingly created for them, specifically Steff- she’s the one that designs all our gorgeous wedding albums.


Upon quick appearance, Kelsey and Andrew seem so different.

Kelsey is super chatty, Andrew is very quiet. She is really bubbly, he is reserved and stoic. When Kelsey enters a room, everyone notices, while Andrew seems happiest, if he just blends in nicely and goes with the flow. And while they seem so different, after we’ve spent quite a bit of time with them, it’s clear to us that they are a great match.  You simply see it when they are together and it’s in Andrew you see it most. He absolutely glows with joy when he is around Kelsey, he lights up, it’s amazing to see! Pure love between these two, it’s so lovely. I know that may sound cheesy, but it’s true (so because it’s true, it’s not cheesy, right?).

I love that because of what we do, we get to know couples so well, in such a short time. When we all feel comfortable hanging out, we can create the best photographs for our clients of who our couples truly are. We can then also capture their relationship together in a beautiful, natural collection of photos.

On their wedding day for their wedding reveal, we created a space for them to see each other for the first time privately and then had their wedding day photo session in the Olympic Village here in Vancouver.

Kelsey and Andrew were married at The Diamond Ballroom in the South Granville area of Vancouver. Kelsey’s father so very proudly walked her down the aisle to marry Andrew and they had a Japanese Buddhist wedding ceremony by Kelsey’s sensei, Reverend Tatsuya Aoki. They danced the night away with their best friends and family, and giggled a lot too during the games…especially the bum grabbing one! The grandparents thought it was hilarious! Gotta love that!


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    Beautiful wedding. Thank you Steff and Justin for taking such lovely photos.ReplyCancel

Since Christine and Moe came in from Calgary for their Vancouver engagement session, we only just met them for the first time minutes before we started photographing them! Of course we had chatted over the phone before meeting them in person, but it’s always so nice to meet face to face. We easily got a long and all felt comfortable together and most importantly- they trusted us.

Christine’s bubbly nature and infectious giggling was a joy to be around and it was very clear to see why Moe loves her so much!