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At Nevenka + Aleks’ wedding reception at the Dockside Lounge, they thanked a few times for connecting them and facilitating the opportunity for their wedding day to happen. I’d like to thank too for their eharmony wedding! Nevenka and Aleks really are a perfect match! It was truly our pleasure to capture their intimate wedding day here in Vancouver, on Granville Island. Being a smaller wedding, we really felt so welcomed by their friends and family and heard many lovely stories about them throughout the day. Some of my favourite moments of their day was watching Aleks’ mom lovingly prep all her grandchildren for the day, when Aleks’ parents saw Nevenka as a bride for the first time and of course, witnessing Nevenka and Aleks getting married by the sea.

















Congratulations Nevenka + Aleks! 🙂

On one of the only rainy days this summer, Kris and Catherine were married. Some may say it was unfortunate, but we can definitely say that this wedding was not at all deterred by the rain one bit!! Catherine’s beautiful, big smile stayed with her all day and everyone was so incredibly happy to see these two get married, that there was just extreme happiness everywhere we looked! They got ready downtown at the lovely Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel and were married outside amongst umbrellas and raindrops on the dock at the UBC Boathouse.












  • Tpug

    absolutely stunning photos. The Bride looks so fabulous and beautiful. there’s not one picture where her smile isn’t glowing! And by far the most handsome groom I’ve ever seen.ReplyCancel

  • Corey

    Amazing pictures, can’t wait to see the rest.ReplyCancel

  • AR

    Fantastic pictures! The bride is gorgeous, as always…. Need more groom though. He’s a good lookin fella.ReplyCancel

  • Gail Larson

    Beautiful pictures, can’t wait to see more.ReplyCancel

  • Happy

    These photos are fantastic! Too bad I can’t say the same about the newly married couple….

    Keep up the good work Justin & Steff!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Iaci

    Amazing photos…..the love and joy so evident in the bride’s smile…..what a handsome couple….beautiful wedding party…..ReplyCancel

  • Rick Lemay

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful ceremony. The pictures really do capture the feelings of the day.ReplyCancel

  • Jani

    Beautiful pictures of the most lovely day! Can’t wait to see more of Catherine’s mega watt smile and the Handsome couple!!ReplyCancel

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    They look so happy and such a gorgeous couple 🙂 photos are gorgeous and the umbrellas just make it better hahaReplyCancel

  • Denise

    Your photos are fabulous! We so enjoyed meeting both of you. Thank you for capturing so many special moments!
    My girlfriend just phoned to say she has been to eleven weddings in the last two years, and your photos are the BEST she has seen! Wonderful work!
    Denise (Kris’s Mom)ReplyCancel

  • What a lovely bride and groom…the joy and love is so evident in Catherine’s smile…love the kiss on the bench…well done Kris and Catherine!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole patapoff

    Absolutely stunning photos Catherine! Everything looked so beautiful and was captured beautifully in the photos. <3ReplyCancel

  • Ed Vallee/Cheryl Scarlett

    The most wonderful occasion ever! All we felt was sunshine! Catherine, you looked absolutely beautiful and, (you looked beautiful too Kris). Really enjoyed the slideshow as well!
    Thanks so much from both of us for allowing us to be part of your special day!
    Ed & CherylReplyCancel

  • Dr. Bengco

    Photos are great! I may use you guys for my next set of headshots for my clinic and new business cards. Catherine belongs on the cover of Vogue. I love the back and side profiles of Kris’ face. That best man is nowhere to be seen. Need more from that handsome fella.ReplyCancel

  • Bill gates

    Good thing they cut out the grooms face, horrible disfigurements from a grinder accident.ReplyCancel

  • Mason Wan

    Amazing wedding pictures! I’m jealous Dr. Kris… make sure you always cherish that bright smile!


  • Jay Rumley

    Great pictures of a wonderful couple.ReplyCancel

  • I so enjoyed the Wedding and loved seeing the pictures which brought back memories of the day as well as a chance to see all the pictures of the Wedding Party done ahead of time. Happy couple wonderful pictures of your special day. Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful pictures thank you for inviting us to share in your special day. Fun to see all the pictures taken before the Wedding.ReplyCancel

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    Beautiful photos!ReplyCancel

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    amazing wedding and reception
    congratulations to the both of youReplyCancel



Justin and I are both primary photographers and have been photographing wedding for 15 years now. Wow, how time flies by!  We find it’s always so interesting to show our clients what either of them was up to in the moments before they were married. For every couple it’s always so unique as to how nervous or not at all, excited or calm they may be, and also who they have chosen to be there with them at this special and poignant time. Today, we thought we’d share a few with you from Kate and John’s wedding in the getting ready portion of their day. While Justin was with John and his groomsmen taking photos, I was with Kate at her mom’s house with her girlfriends, getting ready before their wedding ceremony.


John and his Mom sharing a really lovely hug. It’s one of Justin’s favourite photos of the day.


Kate having her finished while her bridesmaids are playing an old school board game of ‘Guess Who?’


Kate with her Mom helping her with her dress.


Both John and Kate getting ready in different locations at about the same time.


John with his brother intensely watching a World Cup soccer  match with his groomsmen.


I love the way Justin photographed John reflected in the glass of this family heirloom. It’s a framed photograph of his grandfather in WWII and his maroon barret and a medal of honour.


Chatting with the priest outside OLPH Catholic Church, shortly before her wedding ceremony.


An exciting and emotionally charged few minutes of adjustments with Kate and her bridesmaids, before their big reveal walking down the aisle.

When we can, we always like to choose meaningful photo locations for our couples, someplace they have a connection to. So when Elizabeth and Alfonso suggested just one spot, I knew it was going to have heaps of meaning for them! They chose New Brighton Park for their engagement photo session because it has special meeting to them as a couple and (this is so neat), they both played in this park as children, coming here with their families. And over all those years, they don’t believe they ever met! I just loved this story when they told us, thinking of the possibility that they may have met as kids, and if not back then, but that their paths were meant to cross as adults. We are looking forward to photographing their wedding this August.

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  • Beautiful! You chose one of my favourite places – what a gorgeous city we live in. I know your wedding (and marriage!) will be as bright and full of love as you. Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Liesl Knoll

    Wow! Stunning photos – you look like rockstars! (not that you don’t always ;)) Wish you two all the best!ReplyCancel

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    The photos of you and Alfonso look great! Cannot wait for your wedding and to see those photos !xoReplyCancel

  • Beautiful pictures… beautiful couple… best wishes for a long and happy marriage!ReplyCancel

Mike lives in Seattle and Natasha lives here in Vancouver and they are always travelling back and forth over the border. So when she suggested having their engagement session at the Peach Arch Park, we just knew it was the absolute perfect place for it! Perfect!

The only thing was the weather!

It was a rain-on, rain-off again kinda day and we were all so close to changing the location, but in the end we kept our eagle eyes on all weather sources and decided there was a chance of dry weather, so we went for it! In the end our amateur meteorology skills came through and we had a fabulous 95% dry photo shoot! And a really, really fun time! Mike and Natasha have such a lovely ease about them and we really enjoyed capturing them being themselves: in-love, hanging out together being all cute and even goofy and silly too! We feel that we truly captured their personalities and we look forward to their wedding this August.












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    Love these photos. Can’t wait for Nat & Mike’s big day!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful pictures!! Congrats again!

    Anika & Phil

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