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Bernadette and Robin are so in love with each other and it shows! They just absolutely beam when they are in each others presence and we are so glad that we have had the opportunity to get to know them during their engagement. Being such a romantic couple it was very suiting that they chose a very mystical and enchanting portion of the UBC Endowment Lands for their engagement session with us. Many of us so often simply walk through a forest, not pausing to stop and listen. But we had the chance to really listen and reflect on the beauty of this space during their photo shoot.

We had a lot of fun with them and are excited about their wedding, coming up in just a few days.

Congratulations you two, you’re great!!

steff + justin

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A few days ago I went to visit my friend Dani and her new little baby girl, Lily. Dani and I have been friends since we were 12 years old, so it was truly amazing to see one of my closest friends now as a Mom. It was certainly a shift for me to see her in this new role I had never seen her in before. Despite Dani being a little tired (as is to be expected), I can see that she is truly enjoying motherhood and will be a wonderful mother with a lot to give and teach her little girl. As you can probably tell, I was mesmerized! Although Lily is still so young, I can already see she has Dani’s strength and unique sense of character. Having created maternity and baby photographs over the years, it was only natural for me to want to capture some of those first Mom + Daughter moments for Dani. Anyway, here are a few photographs from my first visit and baby photo session with Lily Viola, 4 weeks young.

steff 🙂

We met the lovely Samineh at a wedding we were photographing a few months back. She enjoyed being able to see us as work and seemlessly blend into the day to capture the essence of it all. To celebrate their engagement, Samineh and Reza hosted a lively engagement party for their closest friends and family.

While the guests were dancing up a storm inside the Vancouver Rowing Club, outside was being covered in beautiful blanket of fluffy snow. So pretty!

The Persian Knife Dance! This playful part of the evening was where Samineh and Reza tried to retrieve a cake knife from their guests so they could cut the cake. The dance started with one of their guests who danced to an upbeat Persian song with the knife as a show piece and money was then offered to try and get the knife. Once the dancer happily received the money, the cake knife was passed on to the next dancer to show off their dance moves. After some back and forth, more dancers and cheers from the entertained guests, Samineh and Reza finally were given the knife and were able to cut their gorgeous, chocolate covered cake.

Congratulations to Samineh and Reza on your engagement! It was a party to be remembered! 🙂

steff + justin

We would like to wish you all the very best over the holidays with your family and friends. We are pretty excited to have all of Steff’s whole family together for the first time in 5 years. Steff’s little sister and boyfriend came all the way from Germany this year, and in recent past years, we’ve been away either living in England or traveling, so it’s an extra special Christmas for us this year! Plus of course the snow to top it all off!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sincere best wishes from the both of us,

steff + justin 🙂

A sunny autumn wedding near the beach with 35 close friends and family, doesn’t that sound nice? Well it was! Ted and Agatha we married this autumn in a small wooden gazebo near the Beach House in West Vancouver. They had written vows for each other that were spoken full love and warmth. And because their vows were so emotionally charged, they practiced their vows the day before to make sure they would not stumble on these powerful words during their ceremony. The guests hung on to each and every word as they both opened their hearts through words for all to witness. It really was a beautiful and moving wedding for us to be a part of.

Ted romantically proposed to Agatha in Paris!!

Agatha’s parents making some final adjustments.

Beautiful exchange of vows…

Ted and Agatha were greeted by her parents, in a tradition that is common at many Polish weddings. They were presented with 2 shot glasses, one filled with water the other filled with straight vodka, but not knowing which was which. The saying is that whoever chooses the shot with vodka, ends up being “head of the house.” With his soured expression after downing the shot, everyone thought it was to be Ted…but it was Agatha who walked away as champion:) And then the party started!

We absolutely enjoyed your wedding day Ted and Agatha and we wish you two all the very best,

steff + justin