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Hello 2010!

Justin and I would like to wish you all the very best to come in the new year.  We had a lot of fun on New Years Eve with Friends, delicious food, drinks and a seriously fun Photo Booth.  Friends and family is really what the holidays is all about, hopefully you enjoyed some quality time with your friends and family too.

Sincere wishes,

Steff + Justin

Wishing you lots of giggles and happy times together with your family and friends over the holidays.


At this time of year everyone is thinking about giving and how to help those in need. So recently, Justin and I decided to donate to a charity that is a soup kitchen in Namibia for children with HIV.

A few years ago, Eileen Greene—a Camosun College nursing instructor brought a group of students to Africa for an international experience. They learned that there was medication available for those with HIV, but the meds had to be taken with food otherwise the strong medication can wreak havoc on their system and most (without food) decide to discontinue taking the meds due to the unpleasant side effects. Eileen was horrified to hear that the HIV meds were available, but really only to those who had food.  That prompted her to create the Home of Good Hope—a soup kitchen that now feeds two hundred orphaned children whose parents have died of HIV.

We were proud to be a part of this year’s charity dinner and fundraiser was held at Bon Rouge Restaurant in Victoria.  Our contribution feeds 175 of the kids for a whole month! When we heard that news we were just ecstatic, over the moon, totally excited (read: BIG Dance of Joy by yours truly!!) It feels so amazing to know that a few hours of our time creating beautiful photographs here in Vancouver has such a huge impact on the lives of these amazing children on the other side of the world.

Now those are some warm fuzzies on a cold winter’s day!

steff + justin 🙂

  • Angie Raymond

    You two rock! I too now feel all warm inside just from reading your blog!ReplyCancel

  • That’s amazing! And so admirable. You guys rock.ReplyCancel

  • This is amazing. And so admirable. You guys rock!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy K.

    That is so nice of you guys! Definately a warm and fuzzie 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Dani Hiebert

    I was so pleased that you guys offered your help to the children of our soup kitchen. Thank you so much, looking forward to continued success in the future :0)ReplyCancel

real weddings magazine vancouver

Sometimes it can be pretty sweet having the last word, or in this case, the ‘Last Moment.’  Real Weddings Magazine’s Autumn 2009 issue has just hit the news stands and we are happy to see that the closing image of the magazine is one we captured at Fenella and Jason’s Bowen Island wedding this past July 25th.  The image shows their garden reception venue along with bride, Fenella underneath a bright orange sky with dual lightning strikes AND two rainbows- this really was quite the moment in time!

One of the amazing things about this image is that this is the shot straight from the camera, there have been no special effects added to this.  Those of you who were lucky enough to be in the Vancouver area that night will surely remember the evening well.  With no rain or storms in the forecast that day, everyone was set to go ahead with their summer plans and for us, that meant photographing Fenella and Jason’s big day.  While we were on Bowen Island that evening, many people around English Bay in Vancouver were treated to a double light show of both the lightning and the finale of the Celebration of Light fireworks display.  The lightning storm with it’s surreal red sky was definitely the most spectacular display of its kind that we’ve ever seen and we watched it all unfold from Fenella and Jason’s outdoor wedding that went full steam ahead, despite having no rain plan.  Anyhow, we don’t want to give too much away on their wedding story because we will be running a blog article soon on the whole day experience, and it was a spectacular day, even without Mother Nature and her surreal show in the sky that evening.  So, check back soon and we will have more tales to tell.

Steff + Justin

  • Jenny Ma

    I have the magazine and saw your photo! Wow! It’s so amazing! The photo truly looks like a fairytale. I totally remember that night, the weather was so crazy and the sky was so bizarre with the orange/red. It’s so beautiful how you were able to capture the lightening and the rainbow. Well done you two. Impressive!ReplyCancel

  • Saw this on the newstands guys! Looks awesome – what an epic night. CONGRATS!!!ReplyCancel

  • SO exciting! Congratulations to you both. I loved this photo and can see why it was chosen. I think it pretty much sums up the overwhelming range of emotions of a wedding day!ReplyCancel

Liliane and Alan’s wedding last October was full of fun, heaps of friends and some heavy raindrops…

Our day with Liliane and Alan started out early in the morning with playful games, where Alan and his entourage of best men and groomsmen tried to win Liliane’s bridesmaids over, doing all the silly tasks and games they asked. Everyone had a blast and shared many giggles watching the boys sing, eat wasabe and all sorts, while Alan then went and found his bride, Liliane. It was then off to his parents house for the Chinese Tea Ceremony and the first gathering of both their families from Vancouver, Hong Kong and Chicago. Afterwards we headed into downtown Vancouver for our photo session with the wedding party and the rain began to pour! We always pre-plan for rain and it certainly came in handy, as we had selected some excellent shooting locations, even in the sideways rain and the power even going out downtown for a bit! Despite the bad weather, we all had a good time and got some great shots to the whole group and just the two of them. Their ceremony and reception was at the elegant Terminal City Club, where so many of their friends and family gathered to attend their wedding ceremony. Their reception was enjoyed by all with heartfelt speeches and the tasty catering at the TCC. Over all a fun filled day from start to finish!


bride getting ready

I was amazed at how well the girls teamed up in getting Liliane ready. I love this shot because it so easily could have been a similar scene hundreds of years ago with ladies-in-waiting helping a princess to get ready.

chinese_tea_ceremony_ vancouver

Love the traditions of the Chinese tea ceremony.


vancouver wedding photographer

terminal city club bride

Liliane catching her breath. It was a really special moment leading up to Liliane walking down the aisle.


bride groom vancouver

wedding bouquet vancouver

urban bride vancouver

In case of rain we always pre-plan rain locations, so when it started pouring, we quickly headed undercover and continued shooting and captured this great image of Liliane on the escalator.

marine building bride groom vancouver

urban wedding party vancouver

When the rain stopped for a few minutes, we went for a quick walk before it started again.


Making a few adjustments to the wedding cake.

wedding reception terminal city club vancouver

Moments after Liliane delivered a truly heartfelt speech.


terminal city club wedding

Congratulations to you both on your 1st year wedding anniversary!

steff + justin 🙂