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Winnie and Brandon’s wedding day was action packed from early in the morning until late in the evening with their friends and family that traveled from all over the world to be there for them. And wow did they make the most of it by having lots of fun planned throughout the whole day -there always seemed to be giggles and laughter, everyone had such an amazing time together.

hyperfocus photography rings

They specially ordered absolutely gorgeous Damiani wedding rings from Italy. Stunning!

hyperfocus photography

Brandon looking very calm, cool + collected before the madness and antics of all the super fun games with the wedding party.

hyperfocus photography

Yep, that’s Brandon’s kiss there in lipstick!!

hyperfocus photography

Winnie had 3 wedding dress and hair changes throughout the day. Here are her beautiful earrings and Chinese wedding dress.

hyperfocus photography

hyperfocus photography tea ceremony

Winnie and Brandon had two tea ceremonies in the morning: one for her family and then one for his family.

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They had a beautiful red carpet wedding ceremony on the dock at the UBC Boathouse in Richmond with their closest family and friends all hanging on to every word of their vows. These two are so in love and we just love being around such great positive energy. We really love being able to experience such amazing days in peoples lives.

hyperfocus photography

hyperfocus photography

Winnie and the gals. Each had their own dress designed to suit their tastes and wow, they certainly looked amazing all together!

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Brandon and the guys looking great!



ubc boathouse

hyperfocus photography roomdetails

Beautiful simplicity table decor.

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Yum yum, Ganache Patisserie gorgeous chocolate cake! Justin is a massive (repeat massive) chocolate monster and he had to turn his chocoholic senses off to photograph the cake. Trust me, this would have been difficult for him!

hyperfocus photography receptionWe really enjoy capturing the emotions of guests at the reception. We feel it’s important to not only photograph the person delivering a speech, but how the guests are reacting to their thoughtful words.

hyperfocus photography speeches


Cheers and congratulations with guests!

hyperfocus photography first dance

The day was full of so many events and of course Winnie and Brandon surprised their guests with an impressive first dance at the end of the evening.

Here’s a slideshow we would like to share with you of a few more of the highlights of their wedding day. Enjoy!

  • Winnie & Brandon

    We had such a great time having hyperfocus as our photographers. It was fun and relaxed during the entire day as we knew they were going to get some amazing shots for us. We were so impressed when we first saw the pictures at their space. We never get tired of looking at the pictures. It was like a flash back of our wedding day and it will always bring back smiles. ^_^

    thanks againReplyCancel

Vi and Solomon’s had their first date together at the Stanley Theater. For many of us, the setting of that first date with the person we choose to marry becomes a place of special significance, so when it came time for Solomon to think of a romantic proposal, he knew that it had to be at the Stanley Theater. Solomon decided to plan a lovely evening out on the town and a visit to the Stanley Theater to see the show The Producers. During the intermission he carefully and secretly placed the engagement ring inside the bag of gummy Lifesavers that they had been sharing. He passed over the bag of gummies and asked her if she would like the last one – she took the bag, reached in and pulled out what was most definitely not a gummy Lifesaver ring! While Vi was a little confused and surprised about the ring coming out of the bag, Solomon had gotten down on one knee. Of course she said ‘YES.’ She told him that he could have asked her with a Lifesaver gummy ring, as long as it meant she would be together with him.

These two are an absolutely wonderful couple that have such a great energy together. We always like to incorporate locations that are meaningful to our couples for their photo sessions, so it was our pleasure to include The Stanley Theater into their engagement photo session. For the rest of their photographs the four of us had a fun time together filled with lots of giggles and laughter in one of their favorite parts of the city, the South False Creek area.

We are really looking forward to their wedding next weekend and what is sure to be a great day!

engagement photography vancouver

engagement photography vancouver

engagement photography vancouver

engagement photography vancouver

engagement photography vancouver

engagement photography vancouver

engagement photography vancouver

  • Solomon & Vi

    Thanks Justin & Steff! We had so much fun at the engagement shoot and thanks for capturing our special moments at the Stanley and walks along South False Creek!ReplyCancel

  • Vi

    Justin & Steff, you two are g-g-g-reat photographers! We love working with you and love the photographs you produce. Thanks for sharing our story and going that extra mile to do the Stanley shoot with us!ReplyCancel

Justin and I were just talking about marriage proposals this morning and whether it’s best to do something low key or to create a totally unique proposal that goes over the top with fan-fare and lavishness.  No matter how the proposal happens, we think champagne should always be involved! 🙂

Shortly after discussing our thoughts on marriage proposals, we came across this video. This proposal is being touted as “The best in the world history”, whether that is true, we’ll leave that for you to decide- this guy certainly gets top marks for efforts, that’s for sure.  And I do have to admit I had a tear in my eye while watching it. Enjoy!  steff

  • Dens

    Congratulations to the lucky girl. What a way to be asked to marry your sweetheart. She will never forget it and the whole world gets to witness it on You Tube! Wow!ReplyCancel

We absolutely love photographing engagement sessions with our clients and our session with Aimee and Oliver really reinforced that for us again – we all had a great time together on a lovely Sunday morning in Deep Cove. The whole shoot was relaxing and fun; Aimee and Oliver took it easy, went for a nice stroll, shared some laughs along with a few romantic moments and we finished off with a nice mid-morning coffee!

deep cove engagement photo session

deeo cove engagement session

deep cove engagement session

deep cove engagement photo session

deep cove engagement session

deep cove engagement photo session

One of the things we like to do with our extended engagement sessions is to step away from portraits and capture photographs more like scenes from a romantic film. It’s rare that we get to see ourselves in this way, just being who we are- a couple together enjoying each others company. Over their cafe drinks of choice, a Cappuccino + a London Fog, we captured Aimee and Oliver spending time together as they would on any average Sunday morning…lovely.

deep cove engagement photo sessionA romantic moment while on their favourite walk in the forest.

We really had a great time with Aimee and Oliver on that relaxed, ‘lazy days of summer’ morning.

steff + justin

  • Aimee

    Thanks so much Justin and Steff!! You guys made it so much fun and so effortless! It felt like we hung out with friends for an easy fun afternoon and ended up with a bunch of beautiful photos! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful couple; gorgeous lighting, and awesome composition – it doesn’t get much better than this! Well done!ReplyCancel

  • huy

    These pics are really cool.ReplyCancel


Looking for something to do with your wedding dress a year later? While walking along the Seawall in Vancouver this weekend, we met this group of girlfriends who came up up with a super fun idea! A wedding dress party! hey, why not?! Get that dress out of the wardrobe, dust it off a little and get dressed up again in your gown, (with hubbies too of course!) and have a cocktail party and feel fabulous! Nice idea ladies…perhaps you’ve started a trend!


  • Carissa

    HEY! We had so much fun on that day, thanks so much for taking our picture and making it even more memorable.

    I love your site!
    Take care…(ps i’m the top left with the feathers in my hair ahah)ReplyCancel

  • Carissa

    Thanks for taking our picture and making our day even more memorable.

    We had such a great time and who doesn’t want to wear their wedding dress one more time!

    P.S. i’m on the top left with the feather in my hair ahahReplyCancel

  • Jocelyn

    These dresses were a little more dusty than you might think (and tight ;0) The first couple at the front are at 12 years, then 11 years, a couple of 9 yearers after that, then two 7’s up to just under a year at the top (minus their grooms) It’s never too late ladies!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy

    What a great idea!ReplyCancel