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Did you hear the news? LOVESTRUCK Bridal show thinks we’re great! And to prove it, anyone who takes their word for it and ends up booking with us between now and November 10th, 2009 will have a chance to win a fabulous prize! They have scattered prize envelopes with participating exhibitors throughout the city… envelopes contain prizes ranging from free tickets to the show, jewelry, mini getaways, dinner vouchers and the grand prize… a $6400 diamond engagement ring!!!

We may just have the envelope that contains the ring voucher! We hope to see you soon! Best of Luck!

For more information or contest details please visit

steff + justin

You’ve gotta love summer weddings in Vancouver, especially on those blue sky, warm sunny days.  Giulia and Jason’s wedding was just that kind of perfect day. Their wedding took place on the North Shore with Giulia getting ready at her parents home, surrounded by her family, flower girls and bridesmaids. Meanwhile, Jason was getting ready a few blocks away with his groomsmen.   Giulia had a short, nervous limo ride to the church, once there she didn’t waste any time going straight from the limo and down the aisle with her proud father to meet a very happy Jason at the alter.  These two were married at St. Edmunds Catholic Church in North Vancouver, where they had a lovely service.

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Beautiful bouquet by Margitta’s Flowers.


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Little discreet chat at the alter…

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At their reception at the Seymour Golf and Country Club it was revealed that Giulia’s parents also happened to be celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary that day. Among the evening festivities, Giulia and Jason had created a surprise slide show for her parents presenting a visual history covering their years of their marriage together, including photographs from their wedding, 45 years earlier. How wonderfully romantic and touching!

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But that wasn’t it for surprises, Jason still had something up his sleeve. It turns out that over the years that Giulia and Jason have been together Giulia’s mom had taken on a bit of a nick name for Jason – ‘Big Ape.’ At the wedding reception, Jason felt it was time to live up to his nick name and had it arranged that everyone cleared the dance floor, except for Giulia’s mom. Then a few moments later Jason, dressed in a big Gorilla suit, came bouncing into the room and ran straight to Giulia’s mom!! It was pretty surreal, very funny and definitely something we’ve never seen before at a wedding! (I wonder if she still calls him a Big Ape after that?)

This was a really nice wedding; good fun, great people, delicious Italian food and one newly married bouncing ape 🙂

steff + justin

  • Great photos you two! and love the gorilla groom. it’s somehow really sweet of him to be so thoughtful of his relationship with his new mother in law…and also a totally unique wedding idea!ReplyCancel

  • Jenn

    The gorilla shot is hilarious! Loved the location of the school, very cool! Really enjoyed looking at your samples here on the website – I feel like I really got to know these brides and grooms – great work!ReplyCancel

‘Twas a bit of a wild weather day with these two.  The plan was to go down to their local beach in Kitsilano, but Mother Nature had different plans in mind and it decided to start raining 10 minutes before we met for our beach engagement session with them.  Nothing like rain and 40 km/hr winds to make for a great day at the beach, especially if your trying to avoid the crowds- there is nobody there!  Spending an hour and a half on an engagement shoot in these conditions however, is less than ideal.

We arrived at Seana and Mike’s and were quickly introduced to an entourage of cute pets, including one charismatic young doggie named Dexter.  We talked for a while about the planned photo-session and came up with an alternate plan, to go ahead with the session, but take advantage of some of the cities many great locations that are covered; perfect for this kind of day.  Once we had come up with a plan that would involve a little city adventure, we left on our way, leaving Dexter behind to manage his domain.  Amazingly, once we were outside, the rain had stopped and it even looked like the wind had calmed down just a bit, although there was still a good breeze.  We took advantage of the break and made for the beach, back to plan A! As it turned out, the rain held out until the last 5 minutes of our photo shoot when we were wrapping it up.  All in all it was a really great time. One of those really alive days, when the air is cool and fresh, the wind is brisk and there is that feeling that the weather could turn at any minute.  So, we all had a nice walk along the beach and found a few spots to take a break from the wind.  Seana and Mike were really fun to photograph. These two have a really great energy together.  It’s going to be a great wedding day.   steff + justin

engagement photo session vancouver beach

engagement photo session vancouver beach

engagement photo session vancouver beach

engagement photo session vancouver beach

engagement session vancouver

engagement photo session vancouver beach

engagement photo session vancouver beach

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On one of their visits from Montreal we arranged with Kim and Jan to visit one of their favorite places on the coast, Buntzen Lake. When we met up I saw that Jan had a pair of binoculars hanging off his shoulder, it turns out that these two are very much into bird watching. Given their backgrounds in biology and science, an interest in some of our planets most interesting animals made sense. What’s really neat about spending some time with Kim and Jan and talking about different birds around the world, is that we have started paying a lot more attention to our local birds, and I have to say it’s been quite fascinating.

For the photoshoot with these two we spent a little time down by the lake and then went into the forest to create some images that really reflected them, including some shots of them looking for different birds in the forest, it was a fun shoot! These two really love the West coast so it was nice to be able to take advantage of a place that they really felt a connection to.

We are looking forward to their upcoming wedding this summer at Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club.

P.S. We recently shared a link with Kim + Jan to a live webcam from an Eagles nest with her babies. Here it is in case anyone would like to take a look: Eagle’s nest

engagement session buntzen lake

engagement session buntzen lake

engagement session buntzen lake

  • Kim and Jan

    Thank you so much for a fun engagement session! We’re so happy with how the pictures turned out.ReplyCancel

  • You are welcome! We enjoyed meeting you both and getting to know you better. We are really looking forward to your wedding day later this summer.ReplyCancel

Ahh, Spring; you’ve gotta love it. Its especially nice when you get those warm mornings of sunshine and fresh spring smells, hinting that summer is just around the corner. It was that kind of morning when we met up with Giulia and Jason for a relaxed and fun engagement session at the beach in West Vancouver. When Giulia had booked their engagement session it was a downpour-ish, torrential rainy Vancouver day and she was concerned about how the weather would be on on the day of their session. I reassured her not to worry because we can photograph in all types of conditions and it turned out to be a super sunny morning. In fact, I think we were all a little shocked to see such great weather that it just set the tone for a super fun morning.

We had a great morning with you both and we are really looking forward to your wedding day,

steff + (justin too!)