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Some of you may remember the engagement shots that we posted a few weeks ago of Bernadette and Robin, well they’re married!!! On February 22nd these two made it official at Vancouver’s Alibi Room.

Things began with stylish elegance at the Hotel Le Soleil, right downtown. Up on the 11th floor of this sumptuous hotel we met up with the Bernadette and Robin who were both calm and relaxed. I am sure for them knowing that things couldn’t be more right (and the day well planned) they were totally at ease….and laughing as usual. We spent some time in the hotel with its European decor and Louis XVI style furniture creating some great images in a style that worked well with the classic elegance of our location.

Despite a dark and rainy evening, we went outside to take advantage of what must be the city’s finest examples of Art Deco, the Marine Building. We spent just a few minutes near the entrance, covered from the rain before hopping in a cab to The Alibi Room.

The atmosphere in The Alibi Room was warm and cozy where Bernadette and Robin entered to see 80 of their closest family and friends cheering and welcoming them. The relaxed ceremony was perfect for the evening- The Alibi Room making for the perfect backdrop for this urban couple. After the ceremony the guests mingled in the candle lit room, before heading downstairs for a few quick family photos and then on to a tasty dinner.

What a great night! With the cold rainy weather outside and the restaurant awash in candles, it was an evening of warmth among good company to celebrate this really great couple.

And what about the cookies? Well, the common myth of how these two met was officially laid to rest that evening. As far as some guests knew, the story of how these two met was at a coffee shop, where they both simultaneously ordered the last cookie and had to discuss who would be awarded the last tasty treat. A very nice story, but it was just a story. The real story of how they met was told that night, to set the record straight during one of the loving toasts by a friend, a story of what happened that makes perfect sense for this professional young urban couple: they met at a place Where Singles Click 😉

To celebrate the great cookie myth, Bernadette and Robin gave all of their guests what were quite possibly the most delectable chocolate chip cookies to have ever been baked! Yum!

Great work you two on a fantastic evening and congratulations on your marriage, a marriage of two people who are so wonderful together. We feel like it was a real privilege to be involved so closely in your wedding and being able to get to know you both so well.

All the best,

steff and justin

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    What a beautiful wedding! Love these.ReplyCancel

  • Kim T.

    Very very impressive guys! You guys are getting better and better every single year. I wish you had done my wedding!!!!ReplyCancel

On the very brisk Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, we went out with Steve and Elizabeth and had a walk around Yaletown for their engagement session. Not only is Yaletown a great place to take photographs, but also a fab place to do some designer dog watching, so we invited Steve and Elizabeth to bring their puppy with them. Their little puppy Ollie had a great time visiting with other doggies, as well as being a super posing puppy!

We had a lovely morning (although chilly) with Steve and Elizabeth and we are happy to premiere their engagement session with our new slideshow.


steff + justin

Hey Everyone! We’ve just come back from an intense 5 days at a photographers conference in Las Vegas and it was a blast! It was so exciting to be there and interact with some of the world’s top photographers. We definitely picked up a few new and exciting ideas (which we’ll ultimately be sharing with you!) and it was great to meet so many new people. Despite being super busy with the conference, we did find time to go out for a few spectacular meals, ride the exciting roller coaster at NYNY (we are huge roller coaster fans!) and Justin even took a few large format photographs along the Strip. Being a bit of an unusual camera, he tended to attract the attention of a few small crowds – even in the glitzy glam of Las Vegas.

It was a tiring action packed week away, so time to relax a bit, get some sleep and get caught up!

steff + justin

Bernadette and Robin are so in love with each other and it shows! They just absolutely beam when they are in each others presence and we are so glad that we have had the opportunity to get to know them during their engagement. Being such a romantic couple it was very suiting that they chose a very mystical and enchanting portion of the UBC Endowment Lands for their engagement session with us. Many of us so often simply walk through a forest, not pausing to stop and listen. But we had the chance to really listen and reflect on the beauty of this space during their photo shoot.

We had a lot of fun with them and are excited about their wedding, coming up in just a few days.

Congratulations you two, you’re great!!

steff + justin

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    Your photos are really wonderful. I really like the photo of you shooting upwards and the trees seem to go on forever.ReplyCancel

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    Oh wow, the first one is incredible.ReplyCancel

A few days ago I went to visit my friend Dani and her new little baby girl, Lily. Dani and I have been friends since we were 12 years old, so it was truly amazing to see one of my closest friends now as a Mom. It was certainly a shift for me to see her in this new role I had never seen her in before. Despite Dani being a little tired (as is to be expected), I can see that she is truly enjoying motherhood and will be a wonderful mother with a lot to give and teach her little girl. As you can probably tell, I was mesmerized! Although Lily is still so young, I can already see she has Dani’s strength and unique sense of character. Having created maternity and baby photographs over the years, it was only natural for me to want to capture some of those first Mom + Daughter moments for Dani. Anyway, here are a few photographs from my first visit and baby photo session with Lily Viola, 4 weeks young.

steff 🙂