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We were really looking forward to Cynthia and Paul’s weddings- yep, you got it, wedding-s. They had two gorgeous weddings on two separate days to celebrate both their cultural backgrounds. How much fun was that for them!!? Getting the chance to marry the love of your love twice, sounds rather romantic to me. And both of their wedding days couldn’t have been more different: Sikh for the first wedding and Western/Chinese for their second ceremony. Of course there was double the wedding planning for Cynthia, but I have to say she did an excellent job coordinating both days flawlessly.  Their first wedding day was to celebrate Paul’s Sikh background and took place at the Akali Singh Sikh Temple.

sikh_wedding_hyperfocus_photography_vancouverCynthia started getting ready at 5:30 am, while Paul only got up at 9am, lucky guy! Here Lailani, Cynthia’s friend watches as she has the final touches of her make-up applied.

sikh_wedding_hyperfocus_photography_vancouverAbsolutely stunning Gucci heels and her beautiful sari.


sikh_wedding_hyperfocus_photography_vancouverMeanwhile at the groom’s house, Paul was the center of attention while family members tie a sehera (floral/beaded veil) to his forehead.

sikh_wedding_hyperfocus_photography_vancouverTea with savouries (normally samosa, pakoras) and sweets are being served.

sikh_wedding_hyperfocus_photography_vancouverPaul and his procession head out the door to the Sikh temple.

sikh_wedding_hyperfocus_photography_vancouverThe priest sitting center stage during their ceremony reading from holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

sikh_wedding_vancouver_hyperfocus_photographyDuring their ceremony Cynthia was supposed to keep a rather neutral look on her face, but she couldn’t help herself to smile when she looked over at Paul!


sikh_wedding_vancouver_hyperfocus_photographyPaul and his friends looking rather dapper.


sikh_wedding_vancouver_hyperfocus_photographyAlthough the day started out with drizzly rain, we had warm sunshine just in time for our photo session near Deer Lake in Burnaby.

sikh_wedding_vancouver_hyperfocus_photographyCongratulations Cynthia + Paul! We truly enjoyed capturing ‘wedding day one’ for you. We’ll post their second wedding soon.

Cynthia’s Dress: Custom made and purchased in India
Ceremony Location: Akali Singh Sikh Temple
Catering: Dhaliwal Banquet Hall & Restaurant
Hair/Make-up: Studio 26: Racquel Lacson
Florist: Flowers by Coco

  • Karen Fairchild

    Wow, she is stunning! So unique to see a Chinese bride in a sari! She is gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Polly Kainth

    As the emcee for Paul and Cynthia’s wedding reception, I was taken back at all of the beautiful arrangements and the photographers’ attention to details. After attending so many mixed cultural weddings, this was absolutely unique and the most memorable wedding of the season!ReplyCancel

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    omg I love the colours of her lengha/saari – something i would wear for my own wedding – beautiful!ReplyCancel

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Liberty and Anthony were married at the Our Lady of Sorrows Church and they had a fun filled reception which amalgamated wedding traditions to celebrate each of their Italian and Danish backgrounds.hyperfocus_photography_olympic_oval

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    This picture is beautiful! Liberty is beautiful, love those earrings! And her man looks really sexy with his glasses on! The angles of their faces work so well in this shot.ReplyCancel

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    Beautiful couple! Love you both Liberty and Anthony!! Congrats xxooReplyCancel

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    love and blessings to you both.ReplyCancel

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    Both look absolutely stunning!ReplyCancel

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    This photo is amazing! It captures the beauty of love between Liberty and Anthony. I also like the reflection in Anthony’s shades 😀ReplyCancel

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    You guys look amazing, Congratulations once again. Love u both so much.ReplyCancel

  • Angelina

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    what a beautiful picture 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Liberty

    Italian, Danish AND Filipino backgrounds. 🙂
    of course, I can’t help but love the photo!ReplyCancel

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    This is an absolutely amazing photo of Liberty & Anthony!! Breathe taking for sure!! Congrats Liberty!!ReplyCancel

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Csilla + Gabi’s wedding was a fun filled day full of lots of laughter throughout (even with a bit of a late start on the ceremony), but really, nothing is going to happen with out the bride! They had family over from Hungary (and yes, from Transylvania too!!!) so everyone enjoyed having the extra time to catch up. They had their wedding ceremony was a Our Lady of Hungary Church and their wedding reception was held at Westwood Plateau.
westwood_plateau_wedding_cg1Csilla relaxing while getting ready.

westwood_plateau_wedding_cg21Gabi getting ready in his RCMP uniform with the help of his best men, Bart and Calvin.

westwood_plateau_wedding_cg3Final touches.



westwood_plateau_wedding_cg6Little ring bearer waiting attentively.








westwood_plateau_wedding_cg17How much fun is a wedding cake with leopard print on it!

westwood_plateau_wedding_cg14Speech time and Gabi’s taking the roasting well!

westwood_plateau_wedding_cg15Chilling out and sharing a cigar in anticipation for their honeymoon in Miami.

westwood_plateau_wedding_cg16Dancing up a storm to awesome dance, house music and the occasional Hungarian tune.

Wedding Dress: The Bridal Gallery
Ceremony Location: Our Lady of Hungary
Hair/Make-up: Lindsay Ogden at Volume Hair Lounge
Florist: Wedding Design Studio
Reception/Caters: Westwood Plateau Golf Course
Cake: Cakeaters

  • Karen Fairchild

    What a great wedding, it looks like everyone had a fun time. It’s such a nice Canadiana wedding with the RCMP guys:-) Beautifully and creatively captured!!!ReplyCancel

Claudia and Brad were married on the hottest sunny Saturday so far this summer! Although the Northview Golf course was pretty, we took some time to explore a few shady and cooler areas in the countryside nearby. And since the accent colours of their day were yellow, with touches of teal- Lily, one of Claudia’s bridesmaid’s offered up her vintage car as Claudia’s wedding day transportation. In this shot, Claudia and Brad steal a quick kiss while Lily moves her car to park it for our next set of shots. Vancouver wedding photography by Steff + Justin at hyperfocus photography

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