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This was fun! There are not too many opportunities to truly surprise someone…..but we did it!

Selina, Justin’s sister was married last weekend in Burlington, Ontario and we arrived two hours before the ceremony by casually walking into her backyard with friends and family around her. At first Selina greeted Justin casually with a ‘Hey’, but then it sunk in that her big brother was REALLY standing in front of her! The shock set in as laughter and tears flowed, followed by many big group hugs! I’ll never forget Krystal, Justin’s other younger sister’s face, when she first saw us……..disbelief and shock………priceless! We had been planning our surprise for months and felt so lucky that we had a rare weekend off  in our busiest time of year and that our surprise went off without a hitch! So much fun! 🙂


Selina loves Japanese culture and Anime, so I couldn’t resist photographing their rings with her wooden Japanese dolls.


Selina and Justin’s Mom, Carol, getting ready.


Selina’s twin daughters, Rayne and Seren, having their make-up put on by Zoe, Dean’s older daughter.


Justin and I really enjoyed their highly personalized ceremony which was so full of love, kind and truthful words and respect for each other. The look in their eyes that they had for each other was truly special.



After their vows, their officiant took the time to create a special part to their ceremony highlighting that the marriage of Selina and Dean brings them and their four daughters together as one big family. Zoe (9), Mercury (7), Seren (6) and Rayne (6) were asked individually to bring love, understanding and support to each other in their new and unique family and each girl emphatically agreed.




Congratulations to Selina and Dean! We were sooooo  happy to be there for your wedding day, you guys are absolutely perfect together.  We are proud of you both for overcoming the huge challenges during the early stages of your relationship and letting love prevail [Selina lives in Burlington and Dean was living in San Antonio, Texas].  We love you guys:-D xo

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  • Hey Guys!
    I am in love with your photography! Thank you so much for taking such lovely pictures. You really captured the essence of the day!

    Totally dig the japanese doll shot!

    Love you!

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Well, what can I say….. we giggled…….. a lot.

We giggled when Adrienne + Andrew brought us warm drinks and doughnuts. 🙂 We giggled because Adrienne giggled. Andrew laughed, because Adrienne laughed. I laughed, because I just wanted to see more of Adrienne giggling …. and so it went, rather contagious really and oh-so fun. Adrienne is just so wonderfully cute and it’s so easy to see why Andrew is so in love with her. Their love shone through and it was our absolute pleasure to photograph them for their engagement photo session with them in English Bay. Justin and I had so much fun on that lovely summer morning with Adrienne and Andrew, that we just can’t wait until their wedding next month! So looking forward to it! 🙂


Marianne and Tom met at Princeton over 11 years ago and on June 25, 2011 they were married at the stunning Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver. Marianne and Tom are just are an absolutely darling couple, who are so in love and so well loved by their friends and family. And this you could see simply by the sheer volume in attendance for their wedding…..and almost all their 200 guests flew in from out of town, from New York City to Hong Kong, they were there to celebrate their special day with them! Their friends and family brought such a fun and happy vibe all day that it was truly a joy for us to be a part of their day.




Instead of a traditional Chinese Dress, Marianne opted for an elegant red gown for the Tea Ceremony. And wow, ladies, you look A-mazing!


I couldn’t resist!


Handsome, handsome, handsome!


And the games began: shot glasses filled with some innocent liquids, but also some very very spicy ones too!!!! Little did they know what they were in for! 😉


And now they know! In addition to the spicy welcome drinks, came wasabe cupcakes….keeping tough……this was a difficult moment for the groomsmen….but they did pass the test!


The bridesmaids in suspense watching the boys maneuvering the games.


Absolutely positively gorgeous!








It’s official: Love x Love!




fairmont_pacific_rim_wedding_36We just love it when there is time to sneak out for a quick evening mini photo session. We just love this moment captured!


Congratulations you two!!!

Marianne’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Marianne’s Dress: Lazaro
Bridesmaids Dresses: Priscilla of Boston
Ceremony Location: The Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver
Hair/Make-up: Brianna Erralat & Diana En
Florist/Decor: The Art of the Party

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On the longest day of the year, we met up with Crystal and Lester for their evening engagement session in Gastown. We all had a good laugh at the fact that we had chosen this day for an evening session and had to wait for the latest sunset all year! Oh well, it gave us a chance to have a bit of a daytime look to their session, enjoy a nice cool drink on a patio together and continue shooting when the sky was dark enough. Here are a few photographs we would like to share with you from their session.cl_engagement_gastown_vancouver_1




cl_engagement_gastown_vancouver_5Thanks to Krisztian, we popped into the new Milano Coffee Roasters location on Powell St.









We had a fun evening with you two! steff + justin

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A few weeks ago we photographed Sherry and Allan’s family for their traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony before their wedding. We really enjoy capturing tea ceremonies and being a part of this wonderful honouring of older family members by the bride and groom.chinese_tea_ceremony_01

Allan and his best friend- his Dad.


Beautiful, old and delicate, family heirloom tea cups.


Sherry and Allan serve tea in order, starting with the his parents, then proceeding from the oldest family members to the youngest. In return, the newlyweds receive lucky red envelopes (“lai see,” which means “lucky”) stuffed with money or jewelry. The helpers are usually women blessed with a happy marriage or wealth.



Sherry receiving some jewelry, which she later wore for her wedding ceremony.



Sherry serves tea (holding the teacup with both hands) to her parents and she does this out of respect and to thank her parents for raising her.